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June-July 2017

Deerfield Car & Shuttle ServiceDeerfield Car & Shuttle Service, LLC

As a former treasurer and board member of the GSFABA, I can’t stress enough how the organization adds to the business community in so many ways – and by doing that - the enhancement of the entire community benefits all of us.

One example of the GSFABA helping businesses grow and create awareness for them is the business spotlight that you are viewing now. I was more than pleased to participate.

My name is Vincent P. Traina, and I am the owner and transportation coordinator of Deerfield Car & Shuttle Service, LLC, based in South Deerfield and serving clients all over western MA.

SUV in front of houseDC & SS was started during the summer of 2015. After much research and demographic studies, it became very apparent that there are a very large number of folks that are not being served in their ability to access high quality private transportation. Taxi services in western MA are designed for short trips, more expensive per mile than we are, and in most cases, not very clean. Certain more populous areas of the region can benefit from Uber and Lyft services, but there are very few based in Franklin County. Lastly, we have some very fine large bus and shuttle services, but they are certainly not cost effective or practical to transport one person or a small group to an airport or hospital, or to transport students to and from our many private school campuses.

We offer multiple services using high quality, clean and safe modes of transportation. Our drivers are mature adults and highly experienced.

Please visit our website at deerfieldcarandshuttle.com for more information on what we have to offer you, your friends, and your relatives.

airportOur primary service is transportation to and from the airports of New England and NYC. We can pick you up based on your schedule so you are not driven around in a van as the driver picks up other passengers along the way, in most cases making you leave your home much earlier than necessary to catch a flight.

When you arrive at the airport on your return trip, we are already there waiting for you. You can call us at the cell phone lot directly after you have gathered your luggage, and we will be at the passenger pick-up area within 5 minutes.

There is also the benefit of additional personal safety by using DC & SS. If you should be returning from a long international flight and landing at Logan International for example, driving another two and a half hours to our area possibly in the dark can be very tiring and potentially dangerous, especially for folks that cannot sleep on planes.

Mass GeneralDC & SS also caters to patients of Mass General, UMass Medical, and Baystate Medical Center hospitals, along with many others. Whether you’re just going in for tests or need round trip service for an overnight procedure – we’re here to assist you. We offer special packages for retired and active military and for patients under long-term care.


Lastly, we can also provide private transportation to casinos, Tanglewood, dinner events, parties, and to and from our many cities for all types of personal needs.

We accept all major credit cards, business and personal checks, and commercial invoicing is also available.

So please contact us at 413-665-4369 or at our website to make a reservation – we will be more than honored to receive your patronage.