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May 2017

Davenport's Mobil

Davenports in front of gas pumpDavenport's Mobil Service Station is back in full swing!

After a several-week period of digging up and replacing tanks, Davenport's Mobil station on Route 2 near Shelburne Falls is fully functional once again. Sarah Davenport and the rest of the family invite you back to see the upgrades (and buy some gas, of course!).

Davenport's Service StationThis gas station has been a fixture in Shelburne Falls since it opened on Maple Street (across from HHR Paine) back in early last century. Owners Bally and Elsie ran the business at that location until it was moved to the current location in 1956, when Eisenhower's interstate system rerouted Route 2. They continued to operate it until 1979 or so, when ownership transferred briefly to another member of their family; it was purchased by Sarah's parents in 1981.

Sylvia and her husband, Joseph, ran the station together for over thirty years until Joseph's passing in 2016. Now, transfer of ownership is currently underway from Sylvia to daughter Sarah.

Sarah has overseen the new upgrades project—which includes removing three tanks, putting in one new one, and installing new dispensers—and says there may be a few more changes coming—but exactly what? We'll just have to wait and see!

Please stop by and support this local, longtime business!

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