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Reception for Creating Together: Collaborations Between Mothers & Their Children
Saturday, March 09, 2019, 03:00pm - 05:00pm
 Contact Donna Gates: salmonfalls@megaplanet.com

This exhibit shows the creative partnership between moms and their children when making artwork together. Three moms and their children are the artists. Below are statements by the artist/moms about their artmaking process with their children:

"Travis and I love to hunt for stuff together. Rocks, sticks, but most of all pirate treasures. Travis started making me maps to find the treasure. They were so beautiful that I decided it would be fun to color them in. These works look like abstract art but really are Treasure Maps! We use markers and oil pastels. We have a lot of fun creating together."
Missy Ashton (mom)
Travis Sullivan (5 years)
"Paige and I like to get crazy with our art work. We make lots of beautiful pieces of art and cut them up afterwards. At first I was heartbroken by this, until we found a way to work together on Paige’s projects. Paige makes colorful and playful art using paint and watercolors. I then cut them up to make smaller images or use them as pieces to collage into a larger piece."
Missy Ashton (mom)
Paige Sullivan (3 years)

"Thomas and I have always satiated our creative hungers together. There is a shared eye for the potential in everything. From all around us we randomly find, recycle, borrow from nature, and salvage discarded items of inspiration to bring sleepy visions, day dreams, and what we see, read, or imagine to life. When it comes to design, I always let Thomas lead as far as his ability reaches. When his hands feel limited, I help with my words until his are guiding my hands and together we abandon our treasures to begin again."
Scarlet Kitchen (mom)
Thomas Kitchen (4 years)

"Lela was 3 months away from being two when we moved to Shelburne Falls in 2016. The move allowed me to stay home with her, filling our free time with coloring and painting. Our favorite materials are oil pastels and a small set of traveling watercolors. Pencil, pen, colored pencils, crayons, and markers are used sparingly. In the beginning I would paint something and Lela would add to the picture. I made sure to pull it away before the picture turned into a muddy mess. As Lela grew older she would take the initiative and draw a picture that would inspire me and I would finish it. The hand of a child creates movements on the page that as adults we have lost. There is a wildness in the work that painter Cy Twombly could only dream of. Making art with my child has provided me a freedom and confidence that I did not allow myself as an artist creating work alone."
Mia Radysh (mom)
Lela (4 1/2 years)

Location Salmon Falls Gallery