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Bob Compton: Drawings in Steel
From Friday, December 01, 2017 -  11:00am
To Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 06:00pm
 Contact Donna Gates:

BOB COMPTON: Drawings in Steel
​​​Exhibit: December 1 - January 31
Reception: December 2, 4-6pm
Music: Loren Feinstein

Any of you who have come to the gallery on a regular basis know Bob Compton's steel dragonflies gently swaying over their rock bases. They show just a bit of the breadth of Bob's abilities in forging steel. There always seems to be a commission in his work life for functional steel installations in homes and businesses. Now we get to see the pure fine art of his vision: steel as drawings.

Bob on "Drawings in Steel":

All of the pieces in this exhibit are made solely of steel, hammered to create the detail, and colored with patinas. From the first time I hammered hot iron, I have been enthralled with the transformation of steel from a cold dead material into one which can express softness and take on an organic quality. Throughout my career I have worked to express this quality and to develop a design vocabulary based on steel’s plasticity, a forged aesthetic. This aesthetic stems from hand working the material, allowing the steel to show me what it likes to do, rather than overpowering it with technology.

Most of my career has revolved around creating custom architectural ironwork. For years I was intimidated by the thought of creating “Capital A Artwork,” but as I got into creating work of my own design for shows, I found myself drawn more and more toward work that was simply about the steel as expressed through the forging process. In my first steps of this process, I made vessels largely inspired by looking at hand blown glasswork. Around the same time I began playing with patinas and also started thinking of my work as drawing with three dimensional line. Once I had tried a few wall pieces it was a short step from drawing with three dimensional steel lines to drawings of steel.

Location Salmon Falls Gallery
This event is free. Parking is available.